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Drive visits without the big spend

AI-Assisted Content Generation for SMBs

Keep your blog or website up to date, filled with content, and driving new site visits at a fraction of the cost of a traditional content program.

AI-assisted content generation
is available for:
  • bullet-blue Blog posts
  • bullet-blue Product descriptions
  • bullet-blue Social posts
  • bullet-blue Title tags and meta descriptions
  • bullet-blue Report summaries
  • bullet-blue And more!

How It Works

The creation process and where AI comes into play.

1. Ideation
GPO aligns with client's marketing calendar, content gaps, and brand strategy. We connect the dots to match your products, services, and customers with topics that match up with your desired conversion. We use AI to spark creativity!
2. Keyphrase Research
Your professional writer matches ideas with keyphrase intent, volume, and difficulty to find the perfect match for your specific brand.
3. Content Calendar
Your professional writer builds a content calendar complete with titles, purposes, call to actions, links to include, keyphrases, and success metrics. The calendar lays the foundation for your AI prompt engineering.
4. AI-Assisted Writing
The primary area where AI is used! Your professional writer enters your brand-customized AI prompt and instructs the AI bot until they are satisfied with the result. Your writer will then sculpt and modify the article to fit your brand requirements.
5. Edit
Your professional writer edits the content for quality, accuracy, and brand relevance. Links are added, images are selected, and the piece is polished for your final review.
6. Publish + Promote
Your professional writer formats your content directly in the desired CMS and schedules for publishing. You also receive AI-assisted social media posts to coordinate with the blog topic and inspire sharing.
7. Analyze + Report
Your professional writer measures the success of the article based on the purpose outlined in the content calendar. They report on organic traffic, impressions, search features, and more -- and use these learnings to improve future content calendars and AI prompts.
Why GPO for AI-Assisted Content? 


We focus on the quality of the outcome instead of the method of production.

Our team researches and tracks Google algorithm updates to ensure we're always following search engine best practices with our toolset -- and AI is just that. A tool. It's not a replacement for our in-house writers and creative brains!

We use a combination of human input, AI output, and human editing to ensure that the content you receive is original, helpful, reliable, and demonstrates E-E-A-T: Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.


AI-assisted content pieces start at $299. This price includes content calendar creation, keyphrase research and strategy, SEO formatting, image selection, and sometimes formatting/publishing depending on your website. 


You benefit from decades of experience working within and supporting enterprise content programs. Our professional, in-house writers understand the nuances of brand voice, the legalities of word choice, and the best structure for web content writing. 
AI has the ability to power new levels of expression and creativity, and to serve as a critical tool to help people create great content for the web. This is in line with how we've always thought about empowering people with new technologies.
Google, February 2023

Ready to get your AI content program rolling?

Prices starting at $299/piece.
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