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Analytics & Insights

Solve business challenges and make better decisions with actionable digital analytics and insights. With 15+ years of marketing analytics, trend forecasting, and digital marketing experience, our team works alongside you to drive business change through valuable insights and analytics. 

54% of companies that extensively use marketing analytics end up with higher profits than average.

– Villanova University

GPO Insights & Analytics Features

Ready to make better decisions and learn how customers are really engaging with your brand? We match our solutions to your needs. The following is a sampling. 
Digital Marketing Analytics
  • bullet-blue Strategy & Implementation
  • bullet-blue Implementation Auditing
  • bullet-blue Data Visualization
  • bullet-blue Report Automation
  • bullet-blue Predictive Modeling
  • bullet-blue Lifetime Value Analysis
  • bullet-blue Multi-Channel Attribution
  • bullet-blue Audience Segmentation
  • bullet-blue Behavioral Analysis
  • bullet-blue Real-Time Performance
  • bullet-blue Mobile App & Video Analytics
  • bullet-blue Campaign Performance and Optimization
  • bullet-blue Anomaly Detection & Contribution Analysis
  • bullet-blue Offline Transaction ID Processing
Data Management Platform
  • bullet-blue Strategy & Implementation
  • bullet-blue 2nd & 3rd Data Connection Integration
  • bullet-blue Data Sharing and Marketplace
  • bullet-blue Overlap Analysis
  • bullet-blue Look-Alike Modeling
  • bullet-blue Cross-Device Mapping
  • bullet-blue Person & Device Level Targeting
Testing, Personalization, & Optimization
  • bullet-blue Strategy & Implementation
  • bullet-blue Statistical Analysis of A/B & MV Testing Initiatives
  • bullet-blue UX Design Best Practices
  • bullet-blue Conversion Rate Optimization
  • bullet-blue Mobile App Optimization
  • bullet-blue Experience Targeting
  • bullet-blue Personalized Product & Service Recommendations 
Tag Management
  • bullet-blue Strategy & Implementation
  • bullet-blue Conversion Tracking
  • bullet-blue Remarketing Pixels
  • bullet-blue Dynamic Data Layer Management
  • bullet-blue Data Policy & Governance

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