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Launch review-gathering campaigns and respond to reviews with ease with GPO's reputation management system and services.

What's the Big Deal with Reviews?
  • bullet-blue Online reviews impact your position on search engine results pages.
  • bullet-blue 71% of online reviews are written on Google.
  • bullet-blue 45% of people are more likely to visit a business if they've responded to negative reviews.

Generate More Reviews

Google evaluates both the volume and velocity of reviews to inform your local Map and organic visibility. This means it's better to receive a steady cadence of high-star reviews than a one-time influx of hundreds of reviews.

Amplify your brand's credibility by encouraging customers to share their experiences with a first-party review post-visit/purchase. This proactive approach not only boosts your review portfolio but also enriches customer engagement, fostering a community of trust around your brand.

50% of consumers read more than five online reviews before choosing a business.

Monitor Reviews with Care

Imagine complimenting a teammate's project or jacket, only to have them walk away without a word. That's what it feels like to your customers when they leave a review and you don't respond. Say, thanks! Or, if the feedback is critical, acknowledge their feelings and experience.

Responding to reviews isn't just a best practice for being human. Google recommends it, too.

"When you reply to reviews, it shows that you value your customers and their feedback," says the Google My Business guidelines.

Before you can respond, however, you need to monitor! 
Use the GPO Reviews Platform To:
  • bullet-blue Set up custom notifications for incoming reviews.
  • bullet-blue View and respond to customer reviews from multiple directories in one place. 
  • bullet-blue View snapshots of your reputation, including your average star rating and quantity of unanswered reviews. 
  • bullet-blue Search and filter reviews by star-rating or keyword, and respond in bulk.

Respond to Reviews Thoughtfully

Most businesses receive 1-2 new reviews per day. When you're managing a multi-location business, those reviews can really add up! You're not alone in your response efforts.

We can create customized review response templates for you and reply to reviews on your behalf, with special attention to negative reviews.

Showcase Your
Best Reviews

Your Google reviews don't have to stay there. Shout them out!

Pair Review services with GPO Local Pages, and publish your best reviews right on your state, city, or store pages for extra exposure and to build brand trust!

Top Review Platform Features

View all your reviews in one place
Filter by star rating and bulk reply
Bonus! We can provide templated review responses
Bonus! We can respond to reviews on your behalf

Ready? Let's Go!

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