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Search Marketing Strategies for Healthcare

Help Patients Find You

Ensure your doctors, clinics, or treatment options show up first when people need medication, care, telemedicine, and other healthcare services.

Increase Appointments at Your Clinic or Office

When folks have a health issue, they want to address it quickly. They turn to search for help with queries such as, “flu shots near me” or “physical therapy near me.” Our healthcare local pages target crucial “near me” searches with keyphrase-rich, city-optimized content. Patients easily find these pages on search, click through, and call to schedule an appointment or drop by your office.
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Reach More Patients for Telehealth Visits

Don’t have a physical office? You can still capitalize on valuable “near me” searches. From telehealth appointments to online prescription delivery services, let searchers know you service their area. With our high-converting content, you’ll see more site traffic and an uptick in appointment or consultation requests.

Become a Go-To Source for Medical Q&A

Whether they have a weird rash or a cough that won’t go away, people dig deep on the Internet before going to the doctor. With the right blog content, you have the opportunity to forge connections with patients before they even make an appointment. We find the keyphrases that patients actually use when searching online and craft SEO-friendly blogs that answer their specific health questions and offer advice. In turn, you become a trusted resource they turn to when it’s time to schedule an appointment and explore treatments.

66% of internet users search online for information about medical problems or specific diseases. Make sure your brand is present as a solution.

Solutions for Wellness Brands

Learn how GPO’s suite of search marketing solutions can help your doctors, clinicians, or telemedicine services get found.
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Healthcare Local Pages

Increase in-person and telehealth appointments by showing up for searches with local intent.
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Healthcare Listings Management

Drive in-person appointments and awareness in Maps by optimizing and managing your business listings.
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Healthcare Content

Connect with patients by answering questions, educating, offering guidance, and building trusted rapport.
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Healthcare SEO

Dominate Google rankings with a skilled medical SEO agency and attract more relevant organic traffic to your website.

Power in Numbers

Businesses of all sizes trust GPO to power and maintain growth.
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