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Paid Search Pages

Stunning, scroll-stopping landing page design and implementation services for maximum conversion and customer happiness.

  • bullet-blue Highly Scaleable
  • bullet-blue Strategic White Space
  • bullet-blue Interesting, Engaging Visuals
  • bullet-blue Interactive CTA Elements
  • bullet-blue User-Friendly Forms
  • bullet-blue Mobile Responsiveness
  • bullet-blue Fast Load Times
  • bullet-blue Color Psychology

The GPO Experience

Why bid on big terms if you can't land big conversion rates? Tell us about your project, and let GPO help you:
  • 1 1 Boost Conversion Rates
    Unlock superior results with our specialized landing page design and conversion rate optimization techniques, designed to significantly uplift your conversion rates.
  • 2 2 Snag Top-Tier Leads
    Benefit from our bespoke landing page design, featuring customized form solutions, to capture more Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and attract a higher caliber of potential customers.
  • 3 3 Magnify eCommerce Profits
    Elevate your eCommerce success with our targeted campaign optimizations and exclusive eCommerce landing page designs, crafted to drive sales and streamline operational efficiency.

The Landing Page Process

1 1
First, we dive into the essence of your project. We engage in a comprehensive exploration of your specific needs, aspirations, and what you envision as a successful outcome. This process is more than just a conversation; it's a collaborative effort to understand your target audience, your marketing goals, and any particular design or branding elements that resonate with your brand's identity.
2 2
Competitive Research
Then, we do in-depth research on your competitors to identify industry trends and key areas for improvement. Performing this analysis helps us build a landing page strategy that differentiates your brand.
3 3
People-First Wireframes
You receive user-centric wireframes that outline the layout, structure, and flow of your soon-to-be live landing pages! These wireframes serve as the roadmap for the design process, and ensure every element is thoughtfully placed for UX and conversion.
4 4
Building for Conversions
Wireframes? Check! Time to design visually intriguing mock-ups that reflect your brand identiy and the best conversion practices. This part is all about collaboration, and you'll work with us to refine the design.
5 5
Turn-Key Landing Page Build & QA
With the designs approved, our developers build the landing pages on the GPO platform - no resources needed on your side. GPO landing pages are fast-loading and responsive. Our team will QA, identify, and fix any potential issues prior to launch.
6 6
Launching Landing Pages
Let's do this! Your landing pages are live, and it's time for post-launch checks and integrating the pages with existing marketing and analytics systems on your side.
7 7
Tracking & Reporting
Your paid search landing pages are tracked and monitored on a weekly and monthly basis. We measure success and learn from failures to provide you with the most optimized landing page strategy.
8 8
Ongoing Optimization
We aim to create and host landing pages that drive conversions to grow your revenue, and do this through continuous conversion optimization and cross-team collaboration with content and SEO stakeholders.

Let's Get Started

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