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About GPO

We are everything search.

What We Do
Make sure brands are found at the Zero Moment of Truth. This is the moment in the buying process when the consumer researches a product online prior to purchase.
Why We Do It
So people find the products and services they need, and then easily take action online or in-store to become your customer. The top ten search results is where the action happens, and it's our goal to get you there.

Since 2005, we’ve been helping national and global brands enhance their digital presence.

How We Got Here

Like many memorable companies, GPO started in a coffee shop.

It’s where our first few team members met and where we identified a serious problem with junky online content and missplaced digital marketing tactics.

It's where we brewed up a solution for making the Internet a better place and helping brands be found on the first page of search results.
We spent the last decade and a half perfecting our products, services, and search strategies, and operate with a dedicated team of professional writers, analysts, and developers.

We’re lucky to work with global industry leaders across the automotive, restaurant, hospitality, and retail sectors (to name a few).

Best of all, we’re proud to work with the same brands year after year, delivering quality content and page one placement so their customers have a world-class online experience.

Our Leadership Team

Brian Rutledge

Founder + CEO

Nic Cauwe


Haley Collins

Director of Operations

Clayton Sheppard

VP of Analytics & Insights

Sterling Turner

Director of Product Delivery

Jill Poston McClain

Director of Account Management

Bracken Christensen

Lead UX/UI Designer

Where to Find Us

We're a digital first-team with GPOers across the country.

We have three key hubs in Texas, Tennessee, and Colorado, and a flexible nearshore and offshore model. We take a digital-first approach to connecting and always have our Zoom cameras on. We love seeing each other, and seeing your face, too!

When we’re not in the office, our team can be found growing the spiciest peppers, hang-gliding over the Rocky Mountains, composing music, publishing novels, and using the power of search to do more, see more, and discover more with friends and family.

We’re always looking for driven, creative, collaborative people.

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