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Top 7 Reasons Why Brands Need to Create Unique Product Descriptions

Before copying and pasting that vague product description or leaving your descriptions empty, consider these benefits of writing unique product descriptions.

We’ve all been there. You stare down at your product catalog, wondering how on earth you’re supposed to write a description for each one. You find yourself tempted to hit copy/paste or — worse — leave your product descriptions thin or empty. Don’t let that temptation draw you in!

Writing unique product descriptions can help put your brand above the rest. Check out these seven reasons for publishing unique product descriptions on your site. And if you don’t know where to begin with your large catalog of products, turn to GPO for help.

1. Unique Product Descriptions Perform Well on Search

You should write unique product descriptions because they help drive more organic traffic to your website. By removing duplicate content from your site, you can increase your page authority and click-thru rate, both of which are likely to boost your ranking on SERPs. Plus, you have more chances to incorporate the keyphrases you’re targeting.

2. Create a Better Reader Experience and Gain Trust

Consumers are smart. They can spot basic, copy-and-pasted content from a mile away — and they tend to be wary of sites with obvious duplicate content. If a searcher lands on your product page only to discover unoriginal content, or no content at all, they’re more likely to exit. A unique product description will make your site look more professional, capture the reader’s attention, keep them engaged, and reduce your bounce rate.

3. Stand Out From the Competition

You’re not the first brand to consider posting stock product descriptions or leaving the space blank, and you definitely won’t be the last. If your competitors have thin or missing product descriptions, creating unique content makes it that much easier for you to stand out. When buyers are looking at different brands, they’ll notice your captivating content compared to the competition’s bland or absent product descriptions, and you’re more likely to make a lasting impression.

4. A Chance to Tell Customers Why They Need Your Product

Templated, generic product descriptions might tell potential customers what your product is, but they tend to leave out why the customer needs it. With unique product descriptions, you have the opportunity to go more in-depth about what your product can do for customers.

Let’s say you’re selling replacement car parts online. Many sites are full of vague product descriptions that, at most, describe what the part is made of and which vehicles it fits. However, these descriptions don’t mention why the part might need to be replaced or why the customer should order parts from that specific manufacturer. When you create custom product descriptions for each part, you can explain why the reader might need a replacement and what makes your part better than the competition, providing valuable information and casting a wider net for searcher intent.

5. Highlight the Differences Between Similar Products

You’re a furniture retailer and have 50 different couches available on your website. Copying and pasting the same product description over and over prevents you from adding information about what makes each couch different. Writing unique product descriptions gives you the chance to note the small but important differences between similar products, like colors, patterns, sizes, and material. This makes it easier for customers to confidently find the product they’re looking for in the style they want.

6. Detailed Descriptions Can Reduce Returns and Exchanges

As mentioned, unique descriptions let you provide more detail about your products, such as color and material for clothing items or fitment and use information for car parts. Including these details means customers know what to expect from your products, which can help improve customer satisfaction and cut down on returns and exchanges.

7. Provide Different Product Descriptions to Different Retail Partners

When you host the same products across different merchant sites, you risk competing with yourself, especially if you use the same product descriptions. You don’t want customers to have to choose between purchasing the product on your own website or a retail partner’s site. You can target different keyphrases for different merchant sites by creating and distributing unique product descriptions. This can help you avoid self-competition, and your products might show up for a broader range of search queries.

GPO Makes Creating Unique Product Descriptions Easy

If you’re thinking, “It’s impossible to create compelling, unique product descriptions for the number of products in our catalog,” GPO has you covered. Writing hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of product descriptions can seem overwhelming, but with our Local Pages content services, it’s a breeze.

GPO’s Landing Pages product lets us quickly create and publish thousands of pieces of unique, human-written content that will help your customers find exactly what they’re searching for. Chat with an expert today, and learn more about our content services today!

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