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Why Do Unique Product Descriptions Improve Organic Search?

With so many products available online, getting your product found in organic search is essential — and it all starts with a unique product description.

With e-commerce being such a saturated market, marketers can have a pretty tough time getting their products to stand out above the rest. Sure, paid ads are an option. But approximately 80% of searchers scroll right past paid ads to click on organic search results. And with 35% of e-commerce coming straight from organic search, ensuring your product’s organic visibility in search results is essential — and it all starts with a unique product description. Here’s why.

Unique product descriptions…

Capture users with specific search intent.

We’ve all been there. You Google a product you’re looking for, and you’re shown a whole bunch of results that you aren’t looking for! So, you keep narrowing down that search until, at last, you’ve found what you’re looking for. But how do you know it’s a good match for you? Because it says so in the product description!

By implementing unique product descriptions, you are able to more accurately and effectively display your product or service at the right time and for the right searchers. These accurate descriptions can help ensure searchers are shown exactly what they are looking for.

Reduce the risk of duplicate content.

When you’re selling products or services online, there’s a good chance a lot of other people are selling the same thing. Let’s say you are selling pants, for instance. If your product description is “Men’s Pants,” there’s a good chance your description will match thousands of others, creating a duplicate content situation. This can also happen if you distribute your products and descriptions to other online retailers. (Plus, who has time to write rich, semantically optimized product descriptions for thousands of products?)

You want to avoid duplicate content as Google can view it as a deceptive practice. If Google believes your content is duplicated, it may think you are trying to manipulate search engine rankings or, at the very least, not creating content that best serves the user. With a unique product description, the chance of Google flagging your content as duplicate goes away.

Increase page authority.

Page authority is how well your page ranks on a SERP. The more authority a page has, the likelier it is to rank for related queries. While it may be true that Google won’t blacklist your site for having duplicate content, a duplicate product description can make Google think that your page is spammy. Spammy sites tend to lose page authority, which can decrease a site’s search visibility.

Ensuring that every product has a unique description can help tell Google your site is not spam and can increase your product page’s authority and ranking on SERPs.

Improve click-through-rate.

When it comes to organic search presence, a good organic click-through-rate (CTR) is practically a must. And while good organic search presence may not always lead to a high CTR, a high organic CTR can directly impact search visibility. The more clicks a page receives, the higher Google tends to display it in search results.

According to Moz, “Google may decide to rank that page higher because tons of people are obviously interested in that result.”

So, how do you get people to click on your page? You start by adding a unique, detailed product (and meta) description that tells the user exactly what awaits them when they click on your result.

Creating unique product descriptions is a great way to improve organic search, but it’s only the tip of the SEO iceberg. Achieving a strong search presence and increasing organic traffic is accomplished through a myriad of strategies and tactics, including having unique, keyphrase-rich content across your entire site. But if the idea of uploading unique and descriptive content and product descriptions seems daunting, then we have your solution! Ask us how we can help your products get found in organic search, and how we can quickly provide unique, high-quality product descriptions for hundreds of thousands of products.

Image Source: Infographic vector created by freepik – www.freepik.com

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