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Writing Product Descriptions? Content at Scale Can Save Time & Money

Writing hundreds or thousands of product descriptions can be time-consuming and costly. Learn how GPO’s content at scale services can save you time and money.

When you have hundreds or thousands of SKUs, it can feel impossible to write product descriptions for every single one. What do brands typically do? Go without, write one generic description that can be applied to multiple products (Duplicative! Oh no!), or attempt to write unique descriptions using tons of freelancers. 

Unique product descriptions are a must, leaving brands feeling like they need to outsource to a large number of freelance writers or simply leave the description blank. But there’s another option — content technology. 

What is “Content at Scale?”

The digital landscape is competitive, and brands need to keep publishing fresh content if they want to stay relevant and be found by searchers. Content at scale refers to quickly and efficiently creating high volumes of content, including white papers, blogs, e-books, emails, and product descriptions. While quantity is important, the main focus of content at scale is the quality of all that content. 

Technology is Your Content Super-Weapon

When producing high volumes of content in a short amount of time, you can’t rely on humans alone. In the ever-expanding digital world, different technology options have been developed to help brands produce content at scale.

AI-Generated Content

Did you know AI (artificial intelligence) can create content? A computer program “reads” existing content across the web and analyzes it to determine what’s popular. It then takes this content and “writes” a blog, landing page, product description, etc., that is similar to that popular content but different enough to be considered something new. 

Dynamic Content 

Dynamic content creates customized experiences based on a user’s interests and behavior. Think about the product recommendations you get after viewing a few items on Amazon or a marketing email you received that addressed you by name. That’s dynamic content. Variables like a first name, location, and return customer greetings are populated based on the specific user visiting the page.

Modular Content

In simple terms, modular content is a way to reuse content. Modular content is made up of building blocks that can be as small as part of a sentence. With these building blocks, you can create content once and publish it across multiple channels. Stacking several blocks together can give you a long-form piece of content like a blog, while a smaller set of blocks can be used for a social media post on the same topic. 

GPO’s “Secret Sauce” for Content at Scale

At GPO, we’ve combined the best parts of all the above! We have an amazing team of talented writers who create informed content. Then, we use our proprietary content software to generate unique content from the human-written content. Our process combines the unmatched quality of human-written content with the speed of modular content, dynamic content, and computer software.

We Created 10,000 Automotive Product Descriptions

Just how much can our content software accomplish? An automotive giant needed product descriptions for thousands of car parts available on their website. They turned to GPO as a trusted partner for help. 

The client provided us with product data, and our writers got to work creating unique, consumer-relevant product descriptions detailing what the part is, where it might be found on a vehicle, and when it could be time for a replacement. We then used variables based on the provided data (dynamic content), the concept of plug-and-play content building blocks (modular content), and our proprietary software to scale the descriptions. 

By scaling the product descriptions, we covered a wide range of data points, including models, vehicle years, and specific product names. In just one year, we created and delivered around 10,000 unique product descriptions without falling back on AI or a huge team of freelancers. 

What Makes GPO Different?

AI and an abundance of freelancers might give you speed, but you’ll find that the quality is lacking. It’s GPO’s brilliant writers and developers that give you the best of both worlds. 

When you go the AI route, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with low-quality content. A computer doesn’t understand all the nuances of language and writing like a human does. AI content isn’t perfect, and you will still need to dedicate a lot of manpower to editing and lifting each piece of writing. 

Outsourcing to a bunch of freelancers also comes with issues. Talented professional writers are hard to come by. Anybody can pick up a keyboard and type, but not everybody can write. With hundreds or thousands of product descriptions needed, many companies turn to “content mills” for cheap labor. But you get what you pay for, and content is no exception. Just like with AI, the quality of your freelance content may be lacking, requiring your internal team to spend extra time and effort editing. 

In comparison, GPO’s content at scale is fast, saves you money, and gives you the flexibility you need. 

Because we use our software to scale the content, you don’t have to hire a large team of writers (in-house or freelance) and wait for them to write each description individually. And while our content is machine-assembled, it’s all written by humans first, so you won’t have to spend hours and hours reworking low-quality content. Once the content is in your hands, you can choose how to host it. Either host it on your own site or have GPO host it on a brand-matched subdomain. 

GPO Can Help Amplify Your Content

Ready to ramp up your brand’s content production? Count on GPO. Our Local Pages let us quickly create and publish thousands of quality, unique pieces of content, whether you need product descriptions, landing pages, or something else! Chat with us today to learn more about our content creation services.

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