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Connect with GPO at RampUp in San Francisco

Join us at the premier conference for leaders in marketing tech. We’ll learn from industry movers and shakers from EA, Google Cloud, Burger King, and more!

Come meet GPO’s VP of Business Development, Rachael Parrott, at RampUp in San Francisco, March 2-3, 2020. It’s the premier conference for leaders in marketing technology. We’ll learn from industry glitterati and connect with speakers from leading companies like EA, Google Cloud, Burger King, Recode, and Bonin Ventures.

What are we looking forward to at RampUp? Grab a seat with us and hear Bonin Bough address the role of identity in the future of marketing. Then grab a Whopper (yes, it can be an Impossible Whopper) and chow down while Burger King’s Fernando Machado speaks to the relationship between brands and people, and what great creative can achieve. Then don’t miss Belinda Smith, EA’s Global Head of Marketing Intelligence as she, and companies like Forrester and Culture Amp, discuss the diversity strategies that benefit both their bottom lines and their communities.

We’ll talk about data crumbs and cookies, the new age of retail, and so much more. Connect with Rachael before the conference and let’s meet up in San Francisco!


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