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Cutting-Edge Ketamine & TMS Therapy Company Launches New Local Strategy

Learn how a brain-based behavioral health center is expanding its local reach online to increase patient consultations despite a limited physical footprint.

A brain-based behavioral health center offers innovative, personalized treatment plans for individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, OCD, ADHD, mood disorders, and PTSD. Treatment options include TMS therapy, ketamine infusions, Spravato, telehealth psychiatry, and intensive outpatient programs. No two treatment plans are the same, just as no two individuals are the same. 


This health center understands that fighting a battle within yourself is incredibly difficult, and approached GPO with one mission: to increase awareness for science-based alternative mental health treatment options across the United States, not just around their specific office locations in California and Nevada. Once patients know the treatment facility exists, they’ll often travel out of state to seek care – particularly for Accelerated TMS, an intensive 5-day medical treatment offering newfound hope to those living with treatment-resistant depression. It’s a common practice but one that’s been historically hindered by the organization’s inability to connect with local searchers who turn to Google with queries such as “mental health treatment near me, TMS therapy Colorado Springs, depression treatment Arizona, or ketamine therapy bozeman,” to name a few examples. 

The health center’s inability to earn widespread local relevance is a common challenge for service area and hybrid virtual businesses since they typically cannot create multiple Google Business Profiles to earn coveted local SEO relevance everywhere they can do business.  

The Solution: Local Pages for Treatment Areas & Relevant Patient Cities

In response to this challenge, GPO launched Local Pages for the therapy company. Why? Because search engines factor in a business’s physical location when selecting the most relevant results for local/”near me” searches. Without physical locations nationwide, the therapy company needed relevant content that spoke to each locality. GPO Local Pages position this brain-based behavioral health center as locally relevant in every geography where they could realistically receive patients. No new office locations are required!

As of early April 2024, this health center is leveraging GPO Local Pages to target “near me” searches everywhere they could be found by a patient seeking mental health treatment.  Industry search volume backs up this digital strategy, especially for a brand with little market recognition outside of southern California. 

Consider that there are more than 6,600 online searches per month for “TMS therapy near me.” Yet, the term has a ranking difficulty of 38 out of 100—the lower the ranking difficulty, the easier it is to show up in Google’s organic results. 

Take a look at “ketamine therapy near me,” too, with 6,600 average monthly searches and a ranking difficulty of only 23! You rarely see this balance of high search volume and low-ranking difficulty. We identified these terms and similar ones as untapped opportunities for the therapy group. 


GPO created local landing pages for 11 states, 3,276 cities, and 1,466 postal codes where the treatment centers could have local relevance and potential treatment options for struggling patients. GPO launched this content on a subdomain, https://local.bespoketreatment.com/, for quick stand-up and ongoing optimizations. 

While the volume of pages is exceptional, that’s not what’s important. The on-page content and page structure are what matter for indexation, conversion, and local relevance. Each page features local keywords and helpful content about the organization’s brain health philosophy, processes, and differentiators. Check out the real-life local landing pages to see them in action!

As Search Engine Journal notes, you can’t “just replicate the same basic page across different locations, changing nothing except the name of your target area. Each localized landing page should be unique, providing genuinely useful and relevant information specific to that area.”

Goal + Takeaways

With initial results of the subdomain continuing to roll in, we remain focused on the goal of the project—to earn the brain-based behavioral health center local relevance in every area where they could potentially receive patients for ketamine, TMS therapy, and other personalized mental health treatments. 

Local SEO is never “set it and forget it.” We’ll update this post as tangible clicks, calls, and consults roll in as they have for OrderlyMeds, a virtual wellness company proving you don’t need physical locations to convert local searchers. 

What can you do? Maintain your local SEO strategies continuously, regardless of whether or not you have physical business locations. Ensure your local pages are distinctive, offer value, and progressively introduce new (relevant) geographies as site indexation allows. Regularly check and adjust your approach based on insights from website traffic, rankings, and feedback from tools such as Google Search Console. And don’t be afraid to ask for help from GPO!

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