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Virtual Weight Loss Company Proves You Don’t Need Physical Locations to Convert Local Searchers

Learn how OrderlyMeds increased its local reach with no physical addresses and achieved an organic conversion rate of 6.6% in a matter of weeks.

OrderlyMeds ships weight loss medication right to your door. Complete a simple text screening, and within 24 hours, their medical team approves and ships your GLP-1 medication. Sounds like an easy process, right? 

OrderlyMeds needed an equally easy solution for reaching people who were searching online for “semaglutide near me,” “tirzepatide near me,” “semaglutide + city/state,” and “tirzepatide + city/state.”

Here’s how GPO helped OrderlyMeds increase its local reach in a matter of weeks and achieve an organic conversion rate of 6.6% (and climbing by the day!).


Search engines factor in a business’s physical location when selecting the most relevant results for local/”near me” searches.

“The main disadvantage virtual businesses face with local SEO is the inability to create listings on Google Business Profile and online directories that require, at the very least, a clearly defined service area.”

Search Engine Journal

So, how can a business with no physical address compete for local and “near me” searches with no brick-and-mortar locations, no Maps presence, and no dev/content resources to build/write web pages for every city, state, and zip code that could place an order? 

Wait, wait! What about paid search? Yes, you can flick the paid search (PPC) switch on and off, but paid has two challenges. 

  • Cost Per Lead (CPL): Weight loss terms are costly to bid on. How pricy are yours? Organic traffic tends to provide an overall cheaper cost per lead. 
  • Quality of Leads: Paid search often doesn’t drive as many quality leads as organic, and organic is where the long-term volume is at! 

Of all trackable website traffic, 53% comes from organic search (CMI), and organic searches are 8.5x more likely to get clicked than paid searches. You may get a higher conversion rate on PPC ads, but you’ll shell out more moolah for those leads in the long run. 

In 2023, 91% of industries saw an increase in CPL, as well as a decrease in conversion rate, WordStream reports. Uh, cringe.

Solution: Local Pages for Virtual Businesses

OrderlyMeds leveraged GPO Local Pages to target “near me” searches everywhere the virtual company ships. Industry search volume backs up this digital strategy, especially for a new brand with little market recognition.

There are more than 18,000 online searches per month for “semaglutide near me,” yet the term has a ranking difficulty of 5 out of 100—the lower the ranking difficulty, the easier it is to show up in Google’s organic results. 

You rarely see this balance of high search volume and low-ranking difficulty. We identified this as an untapped opportunity for OrderlyMeds.

“Tirzepatide near me” has 800 monthly searches and a difficulty ranking of 3 out of 100. Again, you rarely see this balance of high search volume and low ranking difficulty. 


GPO created landing pages for 581 cities where OrderlyMeds wanted to earn new customers. Our unique approach allowed us to take those cities and also create 48 state pages, 561 postal code pages, 581 semaglutide + city pages, 581 tirzepatide tag pages, and 586 service area pages. 

While the scale is exceptional, that’s not what’s important. The on-page content and page structure are what matter for indexation and conversion. Each page features local keywords and helpful content about OrderlyMeds products, services, and differentiators. See the OrderlyMeds local landing pages for weight loss injections near you!

As Search Engine Journal notes, you can’t “just replicate the same basic page across different locations, changing nothing except the name of your target area. Each localized landing page should be unique, providing genuinely useful and relevant information specific to that area.”

Closely following the launch, OrderlyMeds linked to the new local pages from multiple internal web pages, blog posts, social profiles, footer, and singular Google Business Profile to pass votes of confidence to the new pages.  


Twenty days after launching the site, we see the following organic conversion rates:

  • Visitor to Lead Conversion Rate of 14.8%
  • Lead to Customer Conversion Rate of 44.4%
  • Visitor to Customer Conversion Rate of 6.6%

Any virtual business or business without an address can employ the same local SEO strategy as OrderlyMeds — and even do so on a pay-per-performance basis. 

Local SEO is never “set it and forget it.” Maintaining your local SEO strategies is a continuous effort, irrespective of having physical business locations. Ensure that your local pages are distinctive and offer value, and progressively introduce new geographies as relevant, and as site indexation allows. Regularly check and adjust your approach based on insights from website traffic, rankings, and feedback from tools such as Google Search Console. And don’t be afraid to ask for help from GPO!

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