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Localize Content

Easily-found, crazily-useful local content for every one of your locations, cities, states, zip codes, and more.

Local content for your local customers, a.k.a everyone.

Ever searched for “pizza near me,” only to walk away from your search hungry for more?

Don’t leave your customers hungry, too. Make sure you’re found online so you can be found in-person. Localize Content creates and publishes pages of supporting content for every storefront. Guide customers to the location nearest them through pages that are expertly crafted to delight and convert. (And closely match your branding.)

So you're just a local pages provider?

No way! While other local page providers give you one page per location, GPO’s solution gives you deeper, localized content about your products and services at every geography level you serve. And you need it, too.

  • Local content converts. 50% of consumers who search locally on their mobile device visit a store within one day.
  • Customers search broadly, without a specific brand in mind. There are, on average, 3.8 billion monthly non-branded searches for a nearby business.
  • Search engines won’t know to show your brand unless you have local content that answers the customer’s query.

65% of searchers look at the most relevant results regardless of the company providing the information.

Scale Your Local Content

Create useful, localized content to help your customers discover your brand online.

  • Localized Content for Every Store

    Publish thousands of pages of localized product and service content, complete with accurate location information. Our professional writers craft keyword-rich copy based on a deep dive of your brand. Then, the platform generates pages of unique, quality content.

  • Supplemental Content

    Already have location pages? Localize Content allows you to add supportive content around the local pages you already have. Create hyper-local content for every product and service you offer in the geographic areas you serve.

  • Retail Partner Pages

    Create local content that drives online and in-store traffic to your own stores and retail partners where your products are sold. When you host Localize Content with GPO, your pages include an interactive locator map with every store and retail partner pinpointed.

  • Subdomain Hosting

    Creating and maintaining thousands of local pages drains development and content marketing resources. Localize Content offers a hosted option on a sub-domain to alleviate resource strains and make your job as easy as possible. Launch your Localize Content site in as little as 30 days.

  • Fast-Loading, Quality UX

    Our pages are mobile-first and designed with Core Web Vitals and ADA Accessibility in mind. They load quickly, are easy to use, and feature clear call-to-action buttons. You'll work with a designer to ensure your pages are brand-matched.

  • Multi-Language Capabilities

    ¡Hola! Bonjour! Olá! It's the world wide web for a reason. Connect with your customers in their language. Our language capabilities ensure you have the right dialect for the region you serve.

Localize Content Modules

It's plug and play! Mix-and-match the modules you need to share the right information with your customers.

  • icon-store-locator-map

    Store Locator Map

    Fast maps that display nearby storefronts and retail partners with customizable map-markers.

  • icon-offers


    Share national and local coupons to drive more orders or store traffic.

  • icon-events


    Attract customers by sharing national and local events.

  • icon-jobs


    Advertise national and local career opportunities to people in specific areas.

  • icon-reviews


    Highlight 5-star ratings and customer reviews on local pages.

  • icons-mobile-app

    Mobile App

    Keep customers engaged online and on-the-go. Encourage mobile app downloads by featuring your app.

  • icon-service-areas

    Service Areas

    No locations? No problem. Showcase the geographic area where you provide service or delivery.

Drive Non-Branded Clicks to Site

Localize Content drives 400K+ non-branded annual clicks to this pizza brand.

Ready to drive more local traffic to your brand?

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