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How GPO’s Product Descriptions created thousands of unique OEM parts product descriptions for a multinational automobile parts manufacturer.

The Challenge

A major vehicle parts manufacturer headquartered in Franklin, TN, did not have product descriptions for their catalog of 2,000+ OEM parts. They needed a way to quickly and efficiently create quality, unique product descriptions for their parts, each of which may fit multiple models and years. These descriptions needed to be unique for posting across multiple brands and hundreds of dealer sites.

Our Solution

GPO crafted 13,000+ human-written product descriptions that met this manufacturer’s needs and aligned with the requirements of their custom CMS. These product descriptions include information about what the part does, why it might need to be replaced, and why the reader should choose to order from the brand’s ecommerce platform. This allows us to create a better reader experience and build more trust.
Product Descriptions are written and formatted to fit the proprietary CMS used by SimplePart, the client’s e-commerce partner.

The Results

increase in product dollars viewed
increase in cart conversions
increase in quantity of parts ordered
87% of online shoppers value product descriptions as a very important factor when making a purchase decision.


This automotive brand has an efficient way to generate thousands of thoughtful, unique product descriptions at scale for multiple brands and dealer sites. Product Descriptions from GPO is 5X times more efficient at generating descriptions than a freelance writing shop.

Power in Numbers

Businesses of all sizes trust GPO to power and maintain growth.
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Average ROI for multi-location & ecommerce brands

Proven Results

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