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Google Adds Business Profile Guidelines for Virtual Food Brands

Virtual food brands are growing — and Google has taken notice! Read the latest business profile guidelines for co-located and virtual-only food brands.

There’s no question that virtual food brands are growing. The virtual food brand market is estimated to be a $1 Trillion industry by 2030. Demand for pick-up and delivery food has increased and it seems Google has taken notice of this business model. To accommodate the growing number of virtual food brands, Google created rules to get them on the map — without causing mass confusion.

Google recently updated its Google Business Profile guidelines to allow virtual food brands to create business listings that are not duplicative of their restaurant or virtual kitchen partner.

Virtual food brands have historically faced challenges when it comes to creating Google Business Profiles. Since these virtual brands operate out of already-established restaurant kitchens or out of a virtual kitchen, they share an address with their partner, causing online listing confusion.

New guidelines for virtual food brands on Google Business Profile help define how to create business listings.

Co-Located Food Brands

Co-located food brands that offer pickup should display their address only if they offer pick up for all customers. For example:

  • If Restaurant and Virtual Food co-located brands offer pick up, both the Restaurant and Virtual Food brand may display the same address on their business listing.
  • If Restaurant offers pick up and Virtual Food brand does not offer pick up, then Restaurant should display the address and Virtual Food brand should hide the address and add a service area.

Delivery-Only Brands

Delivery-Only brands that operate out of a virtual ktichen can create Google Business Profiles, but only if they have distinct packaging and a website. These types of brands need to add service areas and hide their address to avoid having customers show up in-person for pick-up.

Multiple Delivery-Only Brands Under One Virtual Kitchen

Multiple Delivery-Only virtual brands that operate out of one location may have individual Google Business Profiles, but they will undergo additional verification steps. The extra verification steps are likely in place to help Google understand these brands and their locations.

Virtual food brands can authorize a virtual kitchen to be the “verified provider”, which allows the virtual kitchen to manage each virtual food brand’s business profile.

The virtual kitchen or facility that houses the delivery-only brands may also have its own business profile.

For a complete list of guidelines, check out Google Business Profile Help, the Virtual Food Brand section under Chains & Brands.

Listings Tip: Link Business Profiles to Local Pages

As virtual food brands optimize business listings, make sure to link Google Business Profiles to your local pages. Need help creating localized content for your virtual food brand? GPO can help! We have a wide range of solutions that include optimized content creation and website hosting. Get in touch today!

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