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Listen to GPO Founder Brian Rutledge Exclusive Interview on Life Lessons

Get simple answers to tough questions about local organic search & the digital obstacles facing national multi-location brand, from GPO’s Brian Rutledge.

Founder and President of GPO Brian Rutledge was recently interviewed by Rick Tocquigny on “Life Lessons: CEO in 10,” a blog radio show with the aim of creating a nation of mentors. Brian’s interview now joins the show’s library of inspiring true stories that help listeners discover their professional passions and unlock their full potential.

From the entrepreneurial foundation he received at Texas A&M to his stint as a Los Angeles filmmaker, Brian recaps his journey into search engine optimization in just under 10 minutes. He goes on to speak about his intense passion for search engine optimization and how national, multi-location brands can increase their search presence where it matters most—in local search. He tackles tough questions like:

  • Why is it taking national brands so long to catch up online?
  • How can a multi-location national brand scale their organic search presence?
  • Where do online experiences begin?
  • Who can help my multi-location business be found more often, by the right people, in the right places?

Whether you’re a young entrepreneur interested in starting your own digital agency, a Marketing Director for a national brand, or just want to get a feel for who we are at GPO, you’ll find that there’s a bit of wisdom in Brian’s interview for everyone. In Rick Tocquigny’s words, he’s one of the “true savants of the industry.” Listen today and connect with Brian on LinkedIn!

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