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Like, Comment or Share! How to Maximize Facebook Local Search Potential

Are you using Facebook to maximize the reach of your business? Do these four easy things on Facebook to be found by more customers, more often.

When it comes to local search, Facebook is getting a little more “likable.” The essential pieces are there: Facebook has millions of business pages, a boatload of location data, behavior data, demographic information, social networks, and constant engagement.

Despite this treasure trove of potential, Facebook hasn’t been able to put the pieces together—but they’re working on it.

As columnist Wesley Young points out in changes by Facebook that make it a real local search player, Facebook now…

  • Prominently highlights maps and directions at the top of local business pages on both the Home page and the About page
  • Returns local results for general searches, even when a geo-modifier isn’t specified in the search
  • Provides more robust and complete local search results with pictures, addresses, distances, hours, and star ratings
  • Features interactive maps with pins for business locations
  • Incorporates social media into search results by including mini-profile pictures below place listings of friends who have checked in or posted about the business

This last piece could help Facebook gain traction in the local search ecosphere. Reviews are already powerful, but reviews from friends? Irresistible.

There’s no doubt Google remains the biggest, baddest player in local search. They dominate with over 63% of the general market share and 95% in mobile. Google’s search results still encompass a wider range of businesses, too, with Facebook’s ability to help businesses dependant on their social media presence.

Go Further on Facebook with Rich, Useful Business Details

Even so, you can make the most of Facebook’s local search potential by:

Reviewing your business’s information.

Double check your location’s “About” page, business profile, and location information on Facebook. Are your address and phone number correct? Do your descriptions reflect the most recent brand standards, product focuses, CTAs, etc.?

Adding more business categories.

You’re only asked to select one business category when you create your Facebook page, but you can actually select up to three. Ensure that your business categories are accurate.

Activating buttons.

Activate buttons that Facebook offers, like click-to-call and appointment schedulers, to convert more traffic.

Not leaving anything blank.

This gives Facebook a chance to crowdsource answers.

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