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Get Appointments, Orders and More Right From Your Google Listing

Are you maximizing the info in your GMB listing? See how Local Business URLs are making it easier for users to interact with you right from Google.

Store hours on a Google Business Profile listing

More reservations, more appointments, more menu views…it can all be yours! Customers can now interact more with your business, right from your listing in Google.

In the past, Google only allowed Google My Business (GMB) owners to add one landing page URL per location, which typically took the user to the main brand page or a local landing page for that specific listing. You essentially had to choose one action over another. Did you want reservations or orders? Appointments or homepage visits?

Over the past few months, Google has released a number of updates to GMB, the first of which was the ability for restaurants to add a menu URL to their local listings to drive users back to the brand’s domain as opposed to a third-party site, like OpenTable.

The most recent update has extended this feature to include landing page URLs for a host of other business types and actions. Check out local search expert Mike Blumenthal’s screenshot, left. Businesses can now add multiple URLs to make it more convenient for customers to:

  • Book an appointment
  • Place an order
  • Reserve a table
  • Search for items
  • View a menu

Here’s the thing: local listings are evolving into an extension of a business’s website, making strategically optimized (and accurate) GMB listings more important than ever. This update makes it easier for your customers to take action directly from Google Search or Maps. Customers can already chat with a business right from a business listing. What will they be able to do next? What do you want them to do next?

GPO can help you find out which landing page URLs are available for your business type. Local business URLs are currently available at the enterprise level and through bulk updates. View Google’s Help page on Local Business URLs to explore on your own!

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