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MozCon 2019: 6 Sessions You Should Not Skip for Pike Place Market

Don't skip these sessions!

Each summer, digital marketers from around the world gather at MozCon to discuss important trends and innovations in the world on SEO, content marketing, and local search. This year’s main event will be held July 15-17 in Seattle, WA and it’s packed full of great sessions from global experts. We know you’re going to want to skip a few sessions here and there to hang out at Pike Place Market… just don’t skip THESE ones!

Monday’s Must-See Sessions

Local SERP Analytics: The Challenges and Opportunities

Rob Bucci
11:45am – 12:15pm

Google SERPs are becoming increasingly local to better satisfy user queries. This is producing a plethora of new challenges and opportunities for marketers. Bucci’s session will discuss analytics, an integral part of any local search strategy, and best practices for handling new local-level challenges.

From Zero to Local Ranking Hero

Darren Shaw
3:35pm – 4:05pm

In another excellent local search-focused session, attendees will walk through a business’s 8-month journey from website neophyte to hyper-local ranking superstar, examining a variety of tactics and their impact.

Tuesday’s Must-See Sessions

Super-Practical Tips for Improving Your Site’s E-A-T

Dr. Marie Haynes
2pm – 2:15pm

As we’ve discussed previously, a good E-A-T score (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) is imperative, especially for websites categorized under YMYL (Your Money, Your Life). Haynes session will use real-world examples to guide attendees through a series of practical tips for improving E-A-T scores.

How Many Words Is a Question Worth?

Dr. Pete Meyers
4pm – 4:40pm

Even the simplest of questions could represent thousands of keyword variants on Google. So, which one is the best? Is there a “best?” Moz’s Dr. Pete Meyers will use three case studies to answer our questions.

Wednesday’s Must-See Sessions

Fraggles, Mobile-First Indexing & the SERP of the Future

Cindy Krum
9:30am – 10:10am

Mobile-first indexing is changing the face of SEO and the way modern searchers look for information. Krum’s session will cover progressive web apps, how “fraggles” (a combination of ‘Fragments’ and ‘Handles’ that rank in Google search results) are indexed, and how all of this affects marketers today.

Featured Snippets: Essentials to Know & How to Target

Britney Muller
4pm – 4:40pm

Featured snippets provide convenient, bite-sized answers to users’ queries and incredible opportunities for your brand… if you can snag one. Muller’s session will cover tips and tricks for targeting featured snippets and improving SERP rankings.

Every day of MozCon 2019 is full of exciting sessions and earmarked with equally invigorating networking events, and we’d love to see you there. Connect with GPO’s VP of Client Partnership, Rachael Parrot, to meet up after one of these sessions at Pike Place Market. Let’s grab a coffee or sling some fish!

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