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Listings Management

Being present during the search experience, especially when you have physical locations, is critically important if you want to win the transaction. This can't happen without accurate, well-maintained location information.

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Stand Out in the Local Search Ecosystem

Most companies with a retail footprint have an 80% or less accuracy rate for store data. GPO clients typically have 95% or higher accuracy. Better location data means more store traffic and sales opportunities.

We monitor, manage, and actively curate your listing data throughout the local search ecosystem to improve accuracy, visibility, and consumer engagement.

What does that look like? We…

  • Identify and fix erroneous listings
  • Complete listings with missing data
  • Identify and eliminate duplicate listings
  • Monitor graphics, visuals, and store photography
  • Avoid problem suppression methods, as fixes aren’t permanent
  • Publish to the large data aggregation networks or risk “data aging”
  • Leverage a ticketing system that’s available to the field
But most importantly, we connect your listings to location pages. And we don't rely on API-only data feeds. They're slow and often ignored or overwritten. Instead, our team actively checks and curates your listings.

Our Listings Management Team Does More

Partner with GPO and you’ll work with a dedicated partner who has specialized experience in location data management and distribution. We also provide education to field teams to discuss opportunities and the search program, and to explain the importance of GMB listings and reviews. When applicable, we offer regional managers with reporting tools that allow them to drill down performance data by region, state, city, zip, or even at the store level to share with the local team.

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