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Product Explorer

Quickly build and publish scalable content for a large product or service catalogue to improve site UX and conversion.

Overcome content, labor, and search challenges that stem from having a large and varied product or service catalogue. Leverage GPO's SaaS platform through the Product Explorer to quickly build and publish scalable content from any structured data set. Product Explorer can be deployed for richer eCommerce content or informational content for SERPs to digest. And since we do all the hosting and heavy-lifting, all you have to do is hit the GO button.
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Product Explorer Opportunities

  • Scale your eCommerce product and service content in a hands-off way
  • Support site UX and organic search visibility
  • Drive online and offline conversions
  • Scale paid search landing pages
  • Reach non-English speaking customers with multi-language support
If you’re not generating unique product descriptions, you’re taking a gamble. Search Engine Journal

Why GPO Product Explorer?

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    Scale with Any Data Set

    Sell 100 different types of boxes? 200 variations of phone cases? Give us your data set and we'll create thousands of unique pieces of content. Any product or service data set will do.

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    eCommerce Ready

    Connect the Product Explorer to your products and services to drive more online conversions, quotes, or appointments. Whatever your digital KPI, we can help drive more.

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    Highly Custom

    Your brand, your look. We'll create a custom-built online experience that matches your brand aesthetic.

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    Third-Party Integration Support

    No matter what publishing and analytics tools you use, Product Explorer plays nicely with others. GPO is platform agnostic.

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    Google Best Practices

    Product Explorer follows Google guidelines for content and structured data, ensuring you're delivering a genuinely helpful experience to the end-consumer.

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Our Results

Don’t know when to replace the battery in your 2012 Subaru Outback? How about what tires fit on a Dodge Durango Limited? You turn to this auto shop! GPO worked with a leading provider of auto maintenance, repairs, and tires to launch Product Explorer with content that connected the brand’s services to specific vehicle makes, models, and trims. The result? A total of 208,743 pages encompassing 11,603 vehicles across 37 years and 47 makes. These pages cover 1.8 million data points and have driven 1 million annual visits.

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