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A shopper visits your website, but you don’t make the sale. Game over? Not with Mailbox. Mailbox deposits a direct mail piece right in the physical mailbox of your website visitors. Cha-ching! Offline re-targeting that’s automated and easy.

You sparked their interest online, now seal the deal with a piece of direct mail. Mailbox gives you the power to reach out to new and existing customers in a tangible way. It makes their location actionable.
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Does Direct Mail Still Matter?

You bet. Multi-channel marketing can make or break an enterprise brand’s success.

  • Direct mail is personal. Direct mail is personal. According to USPS, 69% of people think direct mail is more personal than the Internet.
  • It boosts conversion. Pair your next digital ad campaign with a direct mail piece to increase your conversion rate by 28%.
  • Millennials see it. USPS reports that 47% of Millenials check their physical mailbox each day, and many consider sorting through mail one of their top leisure activities.
  • Past purchasers respond to it. 18.4% of people will respond to mail advertisements from companies that they have previously purchased from.
  • It doesn’t get stale. Over 80% of people immediately sort through their mail upon receipt, reveals an Epsilon study.

How Mailbox Works

We discover the physical addresses of your website visitors and send a highly-targeted piece of direct mail on the same day--automatically. It's a timely, precise, and tangible way to gain a sale, online or offline.

  • Add 3 lines of code to your website.
  • Visitors view your website.
  • We deliver direct mail.
  • Sales increase.
  • Everyone is happy!
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