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How Localize Content Helps Auto Maintenance Chain Increase Conversions by 20%

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How Localize Content Helped Global Leader in Pizza Delivery Become the #1 Restaurant in Digital

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Distribute Listings Helped a Widespread Paint and Sip Studio Increase Organic Views and Traffic

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Amplify Content Created Thousands of Unique OEM Product Descriptions for a Multinational Auto Parts Retailer

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Localize Content Drives 250k Visits & 24k Web Orders Each Month to This Rent-to-Own Industry Leader

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Localize Content Drives 400K+ Non-Branded Annual Clicks to this Pizza Brand

6,000 Locations

How a global leader in pizza delivery became the #1 restaurant in digital according to Gartner thanks to Localize Content by GPO.

The Challenge

In 2010, this pizza brand was in pursuit of digital transformation. They needed a way to foster connections between local consumers and their nearby restaurants. 

An increasingly digital world left shoppers with seemingly endless purchase options at their fingertips. The popularization of online ordering increased online non-branded searches for goods and services — including pizza delivery. This pizza giant wanted to get ahead of other pizza and food brands by showing up when and where people were searching.

The Solution

The brand decided to launch quality content for every single storefront using Localize Content by GPO. Localize Content enabled this pizza brand to create unique, engaging, local content for every single storefront. The platform also provides a quick and scalable way to create digital content as more storefronts open. 

Most importantly, consumers now have an easy way to find what they were looking for: a hot slice of pizza nearby!

Localize Content offers a hosted solution that includes modules designed to encourage visitor engagement and drive conversions. This pizza client’s GetLocal Pages include the following:

  • App Module — to promote downloads of the app, which offers easy online ordering and an innovative pizza tracker 
  • Offers Module — to display both national and local coupons and discount codes
  • Menu Module — directly links to menu offerings, allowing folks to quickly “Order Now”

The Results

Today, this pizza client has succeeded in achieving search dominance. With over 53,500 unique pages servicing 6,000+ US locations, the pizza giant currently owns 98% of page one local rankings for their target keyphrases in their top 100 markets. 

Impressions receive a click to site
Page one rankings are non-branded
Annual return on investment

This pizza client continues to expand and has 18,300 Locations in 90 Different Countries. Not only do the results speak for themselves, but they also pay for themselves. At the top of every month, the client makes back their investment in Localize Content in just 60 minutes.

Localize Content by GPO has helped one of the nation’s largest pizza restaurants dominate the digital space by outperforming direct and indirect restaurant competitors.

Distribute Listings Increased Engagement on this Franchise’s Google Business Listings

300 Franchised Locations

How a widespread paint and sip franchise used Distribute Listings by GPO to distribute and optimize their business data in one easy-to-use platform, resulting in an increase in organic views and traffic.

The Challenge

A paint and sip studio with more than 300 franchised locations across the country needed a unified way to distribute and update their business listing data (addresses, websites, hours, phone numbers, etc.) to important directories, navigation apps, social networks, review sites, aggregators, and voice assistants. Doing so would allow customers to find studio hours, business addresses and phone numbers, and accurate information needed to plan a visit.

The Solution

As a trusted partner in creating Localize Content (optimized location pages at scale), GPO offered Distribute Listings services to this client to increase brand visibility for each franchise location on Google Business Profile and other vital listing distribution networks. This paint and sip brand switched from another listings platform to Distribute Listings by GPO and saw an increase in performance year-over-year.

The Results

This paint and sip franchise now has an efficient way to optimize and manage its business listings for all 300+ locations. Corporate maintains brand control over business listings and serves the franchises well by offering a comprehensive solution to share accurate location data with customers looking for paint and sip events on Google Maps, Apple Maps, and other networks.

YOY Search Views
Direct Searches
Clicks to Directions

87% of online shoppers value product descriptions as a very important factor when making a purchase decision.

Car parts

Amplify Content Generated 13,000 Unique Product Descriptions for an Automotive Manufacturer


How Amplify Content by GPO created thousands of unique OEM parts product descriptions for a multinational automotive parts manufacturer.

The Challenge

A major vehicle parts manufacturer headquartered in Franklin, TN did not have product descriptions for their catalog of OEM parts. They needed a way to quickly and efficiently create quality, unique product descriptions for their parts, each of which may fit multiple models and years. These descriptions needed to be unique for posting across multiple brands and hundreds of dealer sites.

The Solution

GPO crafted 13,000+ human-written product descriptions that met this manufacturer’s needs and aligned with the requirements of their custom CMS. These product descriptions include information about what the part does, why it might need to be replaced, and why the reader should choose to order from the client’s e-commerce platform. This allows us to create a better reader experience and build more trust.

The Results

This automotive brand now has an efficient way to generate thousands of thoughtful, unique product descriptions at scale for multiple brands and dealer sites. Amplify Content by GPO is 5X more efficient at generating descriptions than a freelance writing shop.

Unique product descriptions created
Words per description

87% of online shoppers value product descriptions as a very important factor when making a purchase decision.