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About Us

GPO is a search technology and consulting company that focuses on connecting enterprise brands with consumers by driving clicks, calls, and retail visits. Step into one of our offices, and you’ll see! We’re a passionate group of folks who nerd out over all things digital, including your search presence, site speed, location data accuracy, content, and more.

GPO offers a mix of SaaS-based content publishing solutions paired with services such as search engine optimization, business listing management, and content development. We have offices in Austin, Dallas, and Nashville and primarily work with large multi-unit brands including a world leader in tires and rubber technology and a pizza company that delivers more than two million pizzas a day worldwide.


Brian Rutledge
Brian Rutledge Founder
Rachael Parrott VP of Client Partnership
John South Board Advisor
Nic Cauwe President
Haley Collins Director of Content Development
Josh Major VP of Engineering
Clayton Sheppard VP of Analytics & Insights
Sterling Turner Director of Presence Management

Why GPO?

Succeeding in search is an ongoing battle. It’s a battle we can help you win, one business listing and one SERP at a time. We meet you at your point of need to help you win where it matters most to you and your team. Whether you need help with technical search engine optimization, professional content creation, analytics implementation, or business listing management, GPO is here to serve you.

Fun Facts About GPO

  • GPO has provided organic search consulting services and technology platforms since 1998.
  • Our work has driven one international pizza delivery company to the top of Google in every state, city, zip code, and neighborhood with a store location.
  • We’ve driven millions of local organic search visits accounting for more than $2B in revenue to some of the nation’s largest multi-location brands.
  • When they’re not in the office, our team can be found driving racecars, hang gliding over the Rocky Mountains, pickling veggies, composing music, and using the power of search to do more, see more, and discover more with friends and family!

We’re here to make the Internet a better place, for your business but also for your customers.

Contact GPO today to see how we can boost your local search presence and solve your problems with the right digital strategy.

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